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Alison rose

Alison Rose is a New York City based designer with an intuitive approach to constructing contemporary furniture and dynamic interiors. Her design work can be characterized as a subtle dialogue between rich textures and sleek architectural lines engaging new shapes and forms enhanced by exceptional craftsmanship and rich textiles. Alison’s innate ability to juxtapose unexpected material combinations enables her to create luxurious yet comfortable, contemporary furnishings that at once feel masterful and special. 

One of Alison’s earliest memories is of herself in The Museum of Natural History, a place where dramatic vignettes became fantastical environments; where she lost a sense of time and found her love of space. Having the privilege of access to the inner sanctum, the museum, also the workplace of her mother, became Alison’s starting point to design from observation.

Through a deeply personal creative process and acute ability to get into the mind and vision of her clients; Alison’s signature talent lies with being able to translate her clients personalities through her curated lens, into immersive environments. Nothing is off limits, Alison is both translator, and investigator diving deep into her clients taste through wardrobe looks, and living choices. Alison interprets their personalities and sensibilities through the colors, fabrics and textures she finds within their world and then uses that experience to define and create a visual language specific to each client, and transforms that investigation into an interior space. 

With a foundation and career working in both architecture and interiors, Alison’s passion for luxury living, and century old production has become the foundation for her own collections using metals, and wood with pops of lush suede and leathers; materials with an architectural twist completed through a luxurious finishing resembling the sleekness of the Seventies. 

Alison Rose resides in the West Village with her husband and their two young children. 

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