Alison Rose New York, founded in 2002, is a full service design studio renown for creating dynamic spaces, and the pieces that reside within them.  Alongside their trademark architectural and interior design services the studio offers bespoke furniture, accessories and floor coverings, as well as Alison’s own large scale abstract paintings. The studio is known for creating interiors that are both luxurious and vibrant; infusing old traditions with Alison’s take on ‘now.’ 

Alison has an intuitive approach to design, freely mixing sleek metals and natural materials with her love of hand rubbed finishes and artisan details. Her large scale abstract paintings, which are often the start of new projects, were featured in Elle Décor, and the D&D building in New York City.

A fashion aficionado who has been collecting vintage pieces for as long as she can remember, Alison believes that personal style is expressed through many avenues in addition to clothing.  She often finds inspiration for her residential designs by sifting through clients' wardrobes to understand the colors, textures and styles they are naturally drawn to.  

Alison is a New York City native and resides in the West Village with her husband and their two young children.