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One of designer Alison Rose's earliest memories is of herself in the pioneering workplace of her mother, The Museum of Natural History.  The museum was a place where dramatic vignettes inspired fantastical environments; where she lost a sense of time and found her love of space. Having the privilege of access to the inner sanctum of the museum gave Alison a starting point to design from observation. Since then she has honed her creative sensibilities by looking beyond the ritual of process and focusing on the individual. Alison's tailor made designs allow a visual narrative to be formed specific to each project. With a foundation working in both architecture and interiors, Alison formulates true connection between the physical space, the inhabitants, and the objects within.  First and foremost, Alison Rose environments are sophisticated backdrops to experience life in and amongst. As a creative visionary who obsesses about even the most minute of design details, Alison’s innate ability to juxtapose unexpected material combinations both architecturally and in her contemporary furnishings, inspire a masterful and continuously expanding body of work. With a dedicated passion for luxury living and century old production techniques, Alison has built a strong foundation for her own design collections using authentic materials such as metal, wood, marble, lush suede and leather. 

This spring her vision continues its move to a new material: marble. Having designed a stunning and dramatic tile collection for Artistic Tile, which premieres March 2019 in NYC at the Architectural Digest Design Show, The Euclid Collection showcases Alison's distinct vision for inspired design: a combination of strong graphics and exquisite materials with her bold interpretation. Euclid collection delivers a versatile product with infinite possibilities. Stay tuned for her eponymous furniture line launching later this year.